IC Ingenieros - Desde su concepción, obras bien pensadas.
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From its conception, well thought works
Angela María Restrepo Educational Institution - San Antonio de Prado
Angela María Restrepo Educational Institution - San Antonio de Prado
I.C. INGENIEROS was established as a company that continually develops and refines their procedures to achieve high standards and recognition in all its works, guaranteeing safety, responsibility, creativity and satisfaction in just one concept.

Our experience had been applied in the public and private sectors, nationwide and internationally in hotels, general buildings, bridges, shopping centers, airports, hangars, auditoriums, schools, and in the hydrocarbon and energy industry.

We visualized ourselves as a leading company providing all our services and products worldwide, guaranteeing excellent quality and service.
I.C. INGENIEROS provides services worldwide in these three specific sectors:

Petroleum, gas and
General structures

Our company has an experience of over thirty years in the oil and energy industry, ensuring continuity, strength (solidity) and succes in all our processes, providing integrated design solutions from project inception to the reality (EPCM). We rely on international edge technology, which provides us the tools necessary to ensure the quality of our projects.

With I.C. INGENIEROS you will place all the responsibility on us, we will handle the entire process from engineering, maintenance, administration, construction, purchase of supplies and project management that your company needs.
  • 25/10/2011 - Launch of our new website icingenieros.com: We are proud to share this new site, designed to increase the current channels of communication and interaction not only for our engineering processes, but also everything related to the MIDAS software (only for Colombian users). We hope you have an enjoyable and productive experience of our site. For questions, comments or suggestions, please write to email: servicio_cliente@icingenieros.com.

  • 25/10/2011 - Launch of the MIDAS software support forum: Now in our website, you will find all the online support solutions on the package of MIDAS (only for Colombian users). You can visit, entering the link icingenieros.com/vanilla or in the MIDAS software section.

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I.C. Ingenieros S.A.S. Kra. 43A # 1 South - 188 Of. 1008.  
Davivienda Business Tower.  
Phone: 4483365. Email: servicio_cliente@icingenieros.com.  
Medellín - Colombia   

Lima, Perú:
Avenida El Pinar No. 152 Piso 11 Chacarilla, Distrito de Surco

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